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– Juniper Networks Junos Pulse Review

Product Snapshot


Juniper Networks Junos Pulse is available as an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

Juniper Networks works with mid-sized and enterprise customers.

Select Customers

AARNet Pty Ltd, Academia Ltd, Allegro Networks, alltours GmbH, Apollo Hotel Papendrecht

Juniper Networks Junos Pulse

- Juniper Networks Junos Pulse Juniper Networks Junos Pulse is a network and mobile device software solution for access and security management. From a single installation, you can configure your access and security settings for your Cloud space, intranet, applications, and mobile devices. All network access actions are stored in audit logs, and the program’s security tools guard against viruses, malware, theft, direct attacks, communication interceptions, and spam. Lastly, Juniper Networks Junos Pulse can integrate with a number of other security software solutions if you need further services.

About Juniper Networks
Juniper Networks was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Northern California. The company is publically traded. Juniper Networks has 123 offices in 47 countries.

Juniper Networks Junos Pulse Features

  • On-premise network management software solution for mobile and non-mobile IT assets
  • Handles all your access and security policies
  • Works with your Cloud space, intranet, and applications
  • Promptly alerts your IT staff of any problems
  • TCP, CIFS, SSL, and MAPI acceleration
  • Guards against malware, direct attacks, access from unauthorized devices, communication interceptions, and inappropriate behavior
  • Can integrate with other third party security software solutions

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