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– KeyMed PM Review

Product Snapshot


KeyMed PM is an on-premise installation that provides support for implementation.

Customer Focus

Ophthalmology Based Hospitals and Health Systems, Physicians, Medical Administrators.

Select Customers

Dr. Charles Wesley, Dr.Lisa Lam, McDonald Eye Associates, East Ridge Eye Center.

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About KeyMed PM

- KeyMed PM Through insurance verification and payment adjustments, KeyMed PM helps medical providers keep on track of their finances. KeyMed PM can be integrated with KeyMed EHR and has Word and Excel capabilities.

While KeyMedical was founded in 2002, the staff at KeyMed has a combined 140 years of experience in the medical software solution department. KeyMedical specializes in eye care solutions.

KeyMed PM Key Features

  • Patient Tree View
  • Integrated Patient Document Management System Utilizing
  • Scanning
  • Microsoft Word and Excel Capabiltiies
  • Case Management
  • Resource Appointment Scheduling
  • Referral Authorization Tracking
  • Referring Physician Reports

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