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Keystone Software Khaos Control Cloud Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Price starts at $13 per user per month.


Platform is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with small to medium size businesses across multiple industries. Customers include multi-channel sellers, small businesses, SMEs, mail order retailers, catalog retailers and eCommerce businesses.

Select Customers

Contact vendor directly for case studies.


About Khaos Control Cloud

Keystone Software Khaos Control Cloud Khaos Control Cloud is eCommerce software that provides stock control tools for multi-channel retailers. The platform allows users to track orders through the streamlined order processing tools as well as manage customer returns.

The software provides businesses with tools to record sale orders, oversee CRM activities and manage all business related activities. Additionally, the eCommerce platform gives companies easy access to KPIs as well as full control over the dispatch process and customer interactions. The software solution also provides companies with payment processing tools as well as accounting features.

About the Company

Keystone Software was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom.


Khaos Control Cloud Key Features

  • Inventory management capability
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) tools
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Postcode lookup integration
  • Supply chain management features
  • Sales management assets
  • Multi-channel retailing capability


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  • James

    We used Khaos control and what a mistake it was! I posted review after receiving the worst customer service from them and they have removed them. That’s why their is no Khaos control reviews online. We personally paid them a lot of money for what their sales people promise you that everything can be done and it whilst their is a lot of features the whole system is clunky and you’ll need a lot of man power to get the results you want from them and it’s hugeeeeeeely complex. The sales people are there to tell you yes it can be done and that’s what they say, how it’s done is another story! If you’ve used other Erps like we have then you’ll realise this one is a over complicated beast which for even for people with IT experience will leave you confused. The software has about 30 different screens just to set up your stock. Our accountant HATED the software and in training it made his job a nightmare.

    My Khaos control review is based on nearly reaching implementation and then cancelling with them. They do not warn you of the amount of work you need to put in and their salesman tell you everything Can be done, whilst the features in Khaos control sound and look impressive the system is NOT it’s outdated HUGELY complex to use and the support from their team is non existant when you really do have an issue. youll have to spend months setting up and months doing their training of which they are so well set up to just brush you off to their hugely complex “wiki” instead of real assistance- if you want training youlll need to pay hundreds to do their in house training which quite frankly is them reading off a template and you copying what they do… they couldn’t have made a video for this to follow could they??

    Be prepared for them to give you a testimonial from someone who likes their software…. just be careful, these guys ripped us off and gave extremely poor service and in the end we didn’t launch due to realising the kit isn’t what they promised and needs a LOT of time to use.

    GUYS BE WARNED… why can’t you find reviews online about them? Because they delete them!

    In 9 years the worst experience of software and we would hate anyone else suffer paying them to expect it’s an easy bit of kit. It’s not and they do not deliver what they promise!!!

    Let’s hope this review 4th I’ve left doesn’t get deleted. Consumers should be allowed to share their experiences without it being deleted!!

    If a mod of this forum wants to remove this please message me to verify I’m real and from a business who has been invoices from Khaos control!

    All in all steer clear and look at other solutions!