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Kinetic Growth Venue Review

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Kinetic Growth Venue is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

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Kinetic Growth works with customers of all sizes.

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About Kinetic Growth Venue

Kinetic Growth Venue Kinetic Growth Venue uses the Salesforce platform and hardware to host a complete online store. Similar to most other ecommerce platforms, the program offers a full checkout service, can process online payments and can generate sales analytics. To make the most of the Salesforce platform, the system can control all pricing and availability in Salesforce’s product section and automatically adjusts CRM data objects in the event of a sale. Overall, workers can use Kinetic Growth Venue to easily view product and customer histories and eliminate manual data migration operations.

About Kinetic Growth
Kinetic Growth is headquartered in San Francisco. The company focuses on products that work inside Salesforce.

Kinetic Growth Venue Key Features

  • SaaS ecommerce software solution
  • Works entirely within the Salesforce platform and servers
  • Processes credit, debit and PayPal payments
  • Manages pricing, availability and descriptions in Salesforce’s product section
  • Can offer special pricing to certain customers
  • Features a number of site design templates
  • Updates CRM data objects in the event of a sale
  • Tracks full histories of customers and products

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