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– Knoodle Social Learning Platform Review

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Monthly subscription plans are based on the number of hours of presentation or training you’ll provide per month. Five subscription plans are available: $19.99 for 20 hours, $49.99 for 50 hours, $99.99 for 100 hours, $199.99 for 200 hours, $499.99 for 500 hours. There are unlimited users for every subscription plan.



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SOHO, Small and Medium-sized Businesses, Large Enterprises

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Knoodle Social Learning Platform

- Knoodle Social Learning PlatformKnoodle is an easy, fast, and cost-effective social learning platform. With Knoodle, you can create more engaging and media-rich online training content by using slides, video & audio. You can deliver your training programs with multiple publishing and sharing options, making your training content accessible anytime, anywhere, and on demand. You can also track and measure the effectiveness of your training by adding embedded tests or surveys, capturing feedback and ratings, and viewing real-time data analytics.

The software is robust enough for large organizations such as Black & Decker and University of California at San Diego, yet cost-effective for small/medium-sized businesses. With this platform, you can achieve a broad range of critical business objectives, including: product training and demos; sales pitches & corporate communications; new employee on-boarding; online training and certification programs; and social learning communities to bring together employees, customers and the ecosystem of partners.

About the Company
Knoodle is the social learning platform, and helps people learn faster and do their jobs better by combining the depth of traditional enterprise learning technology with the immediacy and interactivity of social tools to make learning and knowledge sharing a natural part of the work day.

The company is an SK Telecom Americas portfolio company. With a $12 billion market cap, SK Telecom (NYSE:SKM) is South Korea’s largest telecommunications company and is one of eight divisions of the $88 billion SK Group.

Knoodle Key Features

  • Upload/import PowerPoint, video, audio, images & more to create your learning content
  • Record video/audio with webcam
  • Create individualized learning paths for each of your learners
  • Create & deliver tests & surveys
  • Grant certificates at completion of your course
  • Export into YouTube, Google Docs, and downloadable movie
  • Customized branding
  • Multiple delivery & sharing options
  • Data analytics
  • Groups & online portals
  • Comments, ratings, annotations


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