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– KnowledgeLake Workflow for Sharepoint Review

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KnowledgeLake Workflow for Sharepoint is available as an on-premise solution.

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KnowledgeLake works with companies of all sizes.

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About KnowledgeLake Workflow for Sharepoint

- KnowledgeLake Workflow for SharepointKnowledgeLake Workflow for Sharepoint enables you to attach business processes to your Sharepoint files, giving you control over almost any aspect of your documents. This means that the program can automatically manage approval workflows and entire document lifecycles. The system can generate both automatic and user-driven workflows, and multiple workflows can be attached to documents. Lastly, KnowledgeLake Workflow for Sharepoint’s workflow designer is object-oriented, allowing non-coding types to use it easily.

About KnowledgeLake
KnowledgeLake was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Missouri. The company serves over two million users from over 35 countries. All KnowledgeLake products are built to work with Microsoft Sharepoint.

KnowledgeLake Workflow for Sharepoint Key Features

  • Workflow designing system for your Sharepoint documents
  • Attaches automatic or user-initiated processes to files
  • Workflows can be used for document approvals and management
  • Multiple workflows can be attached to documents
  • Workflow designer is object-based
  • Compatible with workflows made in Visio 2010

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