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Limelight Orchestrate Review

Product Snapshot


Limelight Orchestrate is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

Limelight works with enterprise and mid-sized customers.

Selected Customers

BBC, DirecTV, Arsenal Football Club, Deutsche Bank

About Limelight Orchestrate

Limelight Orchestrate Limelight Orchestrate is a web conferencing software solution that can deliver digital content to any web-enabled device. The program can stream video at an optimized rate to anywhere in the world and provide high quality visuals. After a stream concludes, users can archive it for on-demand access and apply a number of tags to it so that visitors can easily find it. The system can also connect to other third party platforms via API, and users can push ads to viewers and track click rates. Lastly, Limelight Orchestrate can organize videos into channels and add customized graphics to presentations.

About Limelight
Limelight Networks Inc. is an internet platform and services company that provides business-critical parts to the online content value chain. Their customers benefit from moving their content management and advertising into a cloud environment. Limelight Networks currently has over 1,800 customers across the globe who use Limelight’s products to engage audiences, optimize advertising, manage and monetize digital assets, and build customer relationships. Limelight acquired web content management company Clickability in May of 2011 to increase their cloud offerings.

Limelight Orchestrate Key Features

  • SaaS web conferencing software solution
  • Guarantees high quality video that is quickly accessible from anywhere
  • Archives videos for on-demand viewing for website visitors
  • Can add graphics to videos
  • Users can apply category tags to videos and upload them into channels
  • Videos are viewable from any device type
  • Publishes content extremely quickly


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