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Liquid Bronze Malinko CRM Review

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Free trial. Pricing starts at £30/month.



Customer Focus

Liquid Bronze works with startups and small and medium-sized companies in the United Kingdom.

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Liquid Bronze Malinko CRM

Liquid Bronze Malinko CRMLiquid Bronze Malinko CRM improves your workforce’s productivity by improving customer interactions and handling appointments. Everything you need to know about one of your clients can be dialed up on a single page, and it is easy to swap between different customer profiles. Additionally, Malinko CRM handles appointment scheduling in real-time, along with sharable timesheets that keep your workforce on the same page. Anyone with a smart phone can check the status of his or her fellow workers. Lastly, you can easily create reports to view daily income and see past collections.

About Liquid Bronze
Liquid Bronze is headquartered in Manchester, England. The company specializes in web-based and SaaS solutions. Liquid Bronze’s projects include WorkHub,, Mobile Data Capture, and

Liquid Bronze Malinko CRM Key Features

  • Easy access to customer records
  • Sharable appointment calendars
  • Easily create reports for any time period
  • Secure data system with off-site backups
  • Smartphone support that allows you to view current employee statuses/tasks, client information, and live updates from anywhere
  • TomTom integration
  • Additional user licenses and data storage available with more premium plans

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