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– Lithium Platform Review

Product Snapshot


Product runs on a SaaS platform and is accessible on mobile devices.

Customer Focus

Lithium serves large and multi-national enterprises.

Select Customers

Best Buy, Sony Europe, Telstra, Sephora, Barclaycard

About Lithium Platform

- Lithium Platform Lithium Platform is a community forum and social media management software solution that helps your business engage with potential customers by delivering engaging and compelling experiences across channels. The Lithium Platform comprises three diverse applications: Online Communities, Social Media Management and Social Media Analytics. The Online Communities module allows companies to build an online customer community and process customer service requests.

The Social Media Management product allows businesses to respond to conversations on social networks and manage various social accounts. Through the Social Media Analytics tool, the Lithium Platform allows companies to measure and analyze data pulled from social programs to gain actionable insights and improve social strategy. Businesses can utilize Lithium Platform to increase social marketing efforts, improve multi-channel social support and better engage both potential customers and current customers.

About Lithium
Lithium is devoted to providing solutions for marketing, product development, sales and customer service department. The company offers their own social media site called Lithosphere, which is dedicated to educating, sharing and exchanging ideas on and experiences with social engagement and social media monitoring.

Lithium Platform Key Features

  • Comprehensive SaaS solution solution
  • Create online communities to engage customers
  • Manage social media profiles
  • Improve social marketing efforts
  • Social analtyics
  • Social customer support tools
  • Gain useful feedback from customers on products and service
  • Social monitoring and listening


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