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– Lumesse CourseBuilder Review

Product Snapshot


Lumesse CourseBuilder is available as a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware.

Customer Focus

Lumesse works with companies of all sizes but primarily with enterprise companies in the fields of engineering, finance, manufacturing, retail, technology and transport.

Select Customers

Puma, COWI, Vodafone, SIA Engineering Company

Lumesse CourseBuilder

- Lumesse CourseBuilder Lumesse CourseBuilder is authoring software designed to meet your company’s e-learning needs. Through the program’s WYSIWYG editor and intuitive UI, you can easily create engaging online content suitable for mobile and desktop platforms. If you need to work with multiple authors, a collaboration space with communication tools is available. To work at a global scale, the product can convert authored content into different languages. The types of content Lumesse CourseBuilder supports include courses, quizzes, tests, simulations, games, and PowerPoint files.

About Lumesse
Formerly known as StepStone Solutions, Lumesse started in 2003 and has grown to accommodate 2,000 customers in 70 countries. The company has over a dozen partners, including Capita, Textkernel, eQuest, and more. In 2010, Lumesse acquired talent management software company MrTed and in 2011 bought out e-learning business Edvantage Group.

Lumesse CourseBuilder Key Features

  • Easily create interactive learning content that operates on WYSIWYG editing
  • Teams can collaborate in real-time on the same document from remote locations
  • Features a wide variety of templates, as well as a number of quiz question types
  • Easily searchable media library stores your media
  • Program text can be changed to a number of different languages
  • Can record custom sounds for educational content
  • Generates courses, quizzes, tests, simulations, games and Powerpoint files

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