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Customer Focus

Lumesse works with companies of all sizes but primarily with enterprise companies in the fields of engineering, finance, manufacturing, retail, technology, and transport.

Select Customers

Puma, COWI, Vodafone, SIA Engineering Company

Lumesse TalentLink

- Lumesse TalentLinkWhen it comes to acquiring new talent, Lumesse TalentLink provides you with recruitment tools that allow you reach the best of the best. Easily configurable and hosted on Web 2.0 technology, TalentLink speeds up the hiring process, presents full, accurate profiles for applicants, and creates autonomous web portals designed to facilitate the recruitment process. Additionally, this product tracks which hiring avenues, such as LinkedIn and recruitment agencies, are most effective in bringing talent to your company. You can access TalentLink from any web-enabled device, and all of your data is secure.

About Lumesse
Formerly known as StepStone Solutions, Lumesse started in 2003 and has grown to accommodate 2,000 customers in 70 countries. The company has over a dozen partners, including Capita, Textkernel, eQuest, and more. In 2010, Lumesse acquired talent management software company MrTed and in 2011 bought out e-learning business Edvantage Group.

Lumesse TalentLink Key Features

  • Compatible with over 200 social media sites and recruitment sources, ensuring that all candidate information is stored on this single platform
  • Enforces compliance with labor laws
  • Create apps that aid in the recruitment workflow
  • Lets you interact with candidates personally and with ample time
  • Career portals allow candidates to view their application status
  • Supports background checks and is accessible from any web-enabled device
  • Available in over 20 languages

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