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Made4Net SCExpert Suite Review

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Made4Net works with small-sized, medium-sized, and enterprise LSP, CPG, food and beverage, retail, and wholesale companies.

Made4Net SCExpert Suite

Made4Net SCExpert SuiteMade4Net SCExpert Suite is a group of products that can be combined or deployed separately to meet your ERP needs. The suite’s eight programs are divided into WMS, TMS, and accounting functions. Built on supply chain industry insight and and state of the art technology, the entire suite can create multiple coexisting inventory and document modules, features customizable screens, easily integrates with third party applications, provides cross-application services, and allows the user to define business logic. Made4Net SCExpert Suite is accessible from any web device and built entirely on Microsoft technology.

About Made4Net
Formed by a group of veteran IT supply chain workers, Made4Net aims to create comprehensive supply chain solutions for the logistics market. Food Logistics magazine named Made4Net a Top 100 Food Logistics Software Solution in 2011. In 2012, Made4Net established partnerships in Russia and South Africa.

SCExpert Suite Features

  • Suite of eight products that meets your ERP demands
  • WarehouseExpert provides value-added solutions, flexibility, scalability
  • TransportExpert determines most efficient shipping methods
  • RouteExpert intelligently plans routes for maximum speed, profitability, and service
  • YardExpert extends management abilities into the yard and dock door
  • LoadingExpert optimizes bay and vehicle loading
  • DeliveryExpert tracks shipment statuses and delivery confirmation information
  • ContainerExpert provides 3PL support for inventory management
  • BillingExpert increases billing accuracy and tracks all order activities
  • Entire suite works on a single data model, a single UI, and a single system
  • Built on Microsoft technology
  • Accessible from any web-enabled device

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