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– ManagerPlus for Small Business Review

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ManagerPlus for Small Business is available as an on-premise solution.

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ManagerPlus for Small Business is designed for smaller companies.

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ManagerPlus for Small Business

- ManagerPlus for Small BusinessManagerPlus for Small Business is SMB asset management software that can help you handle maintenance schedules, work orders and asset data. Each asset receives a full profile with pictures and documentation in the program, and you can sort assets by customizable categories and lists. Additionally, you can schedule recurring and nonrecurring preventive maintenance, and the program can automatically create and distribute work orders when maintenance days approach. The solution also offers optional add-on modules for new ways to integrate 3rd party systems, and connect your broader workforce. Lastly, this program helps you catalog your inventory and can generate POs.

About ManagerPlus
ManagerPlus was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Utah.

ManagerPlus for Small Business Key Features

  • SMB asset management program
  • Stores asset profiles with the option of attaching documents and pictures to them
  • Assets can be sorted by user-defined lists and categories
  • Schedules recurring and non-recurring preventive maintenance
  • Generates and sends out work orders when maintenance days approach
  • Tracks work orders
  • Catalogues inventory and recommends purchases based on usage forecasts
  • Generates POs and reports
  • Employee, vendor, and customer data tracking

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