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– MEDENT PM Review

Product Snapshot


MEDENT PM is a SaaS solution and requires no hardware.

Customer Focus

Hospitals and Health Systems, Physicians, Medical Administrators.

Select Customers

Amherst Medical, The Wright Center, Middlebury Family, Hudson Valley Gastro, Lancaster Medical, Mt.Airy.

Customer Case Studies

The Wright Center, Amherst MedicalFLH Medical

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About Product

- MEDENT PMMEDENT PM promotes easy patient recognition and account processing through a specialized All-in-One design approach. MEDENT PM’s unlimited account notes application allows medical providers to automatically pull up patient data by just typing the name of the patient on their notes.

Located in New York, MEDENT has been providing medical software automation since 1968. MEDENT aligns itself with IBM for all of its products.

Product Key Features

  • Office Appointments
  • Patient Ledger Card
  • EPS
  • Electronic Claims
  • Charge Entry
  • Posting Payments and Autopost
  • Faxing
  • HIPAA Digital Scan
  • Calendar Application
  • Data Export
  • Electronic Transmission

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