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Meetecho Review

Product Snapshot

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Platform is a web-based service with cloud and in-house deployment capabilities.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with businesses of all sizes and across multiple industries.

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IETF, Stoneware, Tiscali, Cini, Veeting


About Meetecho

Meetecho Meetecho is a web conferencing interface that allows users to conduct virtual meetings through a web browser. The product is designed to interoperate with existing company infrastructure, provides mobile accessibility via web-compatible mobile devices and is based on WebRTC.

The product is built to scale alongside growing companies, can be deployed on Linux-based servers and allows users to record and store all web-conference and webinar sessions. Additionally, the company offers the ability to broadcast events and conferences, provides consulting services concerning utilization and integration of the product into existing company systems, and assists users in moving existing applications to the WebRTC interface.

About the Company

Meetecho was founded in 2009 is headquartered in Naples, Italy.


Meetecho Key Features

  • Native Android application available
  • Cloud and in-house deployment options
  • Webinar, information dissemmination and e-learning functionalities
  • Janus WebRTC Gateway
  • Multimedia application building tools
  • Web-based audio and video support
  • Windows and Mac OS compatibility


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