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MercuryGate Carma Review

Product Snapshot


MercuryGate Carma runs on a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

Customer Focus

MercuryGate Carma is focused on working with enterprises and multi-national enterprises.

Select Customers

Dillard’s, Geodis, HD Supply, Hexcel, Jabil

About MercuryGate Carma

Manage data and all other required information from thousands of carriers with MercuryGate Carma. MercuryGate Carma provides your company with carrier data in real-time so you can implement and modify your processes as your company grows. MercuryGate Carma automates the specifics of carrier record management so you can concentrate on running your business. Use Carma for your brokerage or freight management operations. Lessen the burden of keeping carrier information current with MercuryGate Carma.
MercuryGate Carma

About MercuryGate

MercuryGate delivers end-to-end shipping solutions that provide shippers and logistics service providers with the ability to plan their transportation processes and analyze the performance of all transportation aspects. MercuryGate is determined to provide efficient solutions that combine the latest technology and real-world dynamics. MercuryGate provides solutions for managing demanding multi-leg, ocean, air, train and multi modal movements.

MercuryGate Carma Key Features

Consolidate Carrier Information
  • Enter data exactly into Carma
  • Use web portals
  • Import data
  • Integrate with CSA
  • Synchronize carrier data
  • Mange carrier FreightFriend status
  • Configure Carma
  • Provide secure internal and external web access
  • Adapt the user interface
  • Configure company-centric workflow
  • Organize Carrier Data
  • Carriers’ company and contact information
  • Safety ratings and incident reports
  • Diversity ratings
  • Insurance coverage
  • Terminal locations
  • Reference information
  • Hazardous materials capabilities
  • Relevant financial data
  • Technical capabilities for connectivity
  • Manage workflow
  • Proactive notification
  • Revoke load tenders
  • Manage tasks across entire carrier base
  • Administrator access to configure workflow
  • Send an email or report on templates
  • Add a review note for report
  • View Data
  • Navigate carrier data records
  • Color coding
  • Drill into information with detail reports
  • Edit multiple records
  • Sort by any field
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