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MercuryGate Mojo Review

Product Snapshot


MercuryGate Mojo is installed on-premise or as a Software as a Service (Saas).

Customer Focus

MercuryGate Mojo is focused on working with enterprises and multi-national enterprises.

Select Customers

Dillard’s, Geodis, HD Supply, Hexcel, Jabil

About Mojo

MercuryGate Mojo provides the ability to analyze shipment history to determine the best transportation networks, resources, and alternatives. MercuryGate Mojo gives your company realistic and executable load plans by analyzing data, transit times, and current rates. Import your current shipments from the TMS, ERP, or WMS system or from a spreadsheet to MercuryGate Mojo quickly. MercuryGate Mojo will determine how shipments need to be transported as well as ideal shipping times and delivery schedules based on transporter resources and distribution windows. Keep your carbon footprint low with the C02 calculator provided by MercuryGate Mojo. MercuryGate Mojo will help your company determine the best way to deliver shipments while keeping your carbon emissions low.
MercuryGate Mojo

About MercuryGate

MercuryGate delivers end-to-end shipping solutions that provide shippers and logistics service providers with the ability to plan their transportation processes and analyze the performance of all transportation aspects. MercuryGate is determined to provide efficient solutions that combine the latest technology and real-world dynamics. MercuryGate provides solutions for managing demanding multi-leg, ocean, air, train and multi-modal movements.

MercuryGate Mojo Key Features

Creative Freedom
  • Create multi-pack, multi-drop, continuous moves
  • Explore opportunities in backhaul
  • LTL consolidation
  • Choose the best pool point
  • Use parcel zone skipping
  • Utilize containers for oceans and air schedules
  • Parameter driven analysis
  • Air, ocean and train schedules
  • Continuous move stop restrictions
  • Pick-up and delivery windows
  • Vehicle capacity and transit times
  • Average ground speed
  • Pool point hold time
  • Use results to quantify impact
  • Compare summary of result sets
  • Compare detailed results
  • Select the best result set for execution
  • Execute optimized results
  • Real world data
  • Optimize current contract rates and schedules
  • Pull current data and rates from the TMS
  • Determine actual costs using built-in geocodes
  • View detailed results
  • View a summary of savings
  • Show mileage, cost and C02 differences
  • See a visual illustration of route plans
  • Receive a table of load descriptions
  • Expand to view detail of picks and drops
  • Show details used for analysis
  • View graphs to see results
  • Load configurations
  • Save data and results
  • Run simulations
  • Import external shipment and rate data
  • See optimized savings compared to actual costs
  • View optimized rates across modes vs. external rates
  • Export results to a spreadsheet to share with others
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