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This product has reached its end-of-life and is no longer being supported by the vendor.


– meridianEMR PM Review

Product Snapshot


meridianEMR PM requires a licensed installation and is delivered on premise.

Customer Focus

Various Urology Medical Providers

Select Customers

Urology Clinics of North Alabama, Somerset Urological Associates, Urology Associates of Port Huron, Middle Georgia Urology, Comprehensive Medical Center

Customer Case Studies

Sampson Urology, Urology Associates of Kingsport

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About meridianEMR PM

- meridianEMR PMmeridianEMR PM is designed to meet the administrative needs of Urology practitioners. Working off of a Microsoft Windows based platform, meridianEMR PM simplifies practice management with features such as electronic claims, transaction processing, and comprehensive reporting. meidianEMR PM improves efficiency by consolidating all tasks into one single patient account screen. Practices that use meridianEMR PM have found increased ROI, sixty percent reduced posting staff, and improved employee efficiency. Many additional applications are found in the meridianEMR PM, such as patient tree, appointment scheduling, and financial management.

About meridianEMR
meridianEMR is a specialized medical software producer that focuses on creating electronic tools for Urology based practices. Being the market leader in Urology EHR, meridian contains a staff of Urology specialists to answer to the software requirements of any Urology institution. meridianEMR is dedicated to helping Urology providers increase their revenues and decrease their technological hassle. By specializing in one medical field, meridianEMR has been able to compile the resources and revenue to effectively support clients that utilize their technology. meridianEMR seeks to work with the physician and has user friendly applications and a compiled information system to ensure successful implementations.

meridianEMR PM Key Features

  • User Defined Security
  • Unlimited User Defined Fields
  • Appointment History
  • Electronic Claims
  • Patient Statement History
  • Customized Applications¬†for Any Staff Member
  • Financial Data Reports
  • User Designed Templates
  • Electronic Signature
  • Scanning & Imaging
  • Sound & Video Storage
  • File Electronic Claims
  • Track Claims
  • Charge Payments
  • One Click Applications

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