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Mitochon EHR Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Mitochon EHR is free.


Mitochon EHR is a SaaS solution and comes with unlimited support for implementation and training.

Customer Focus

Physicians, Hospitals and health systems, Medical Administrators.

Select Customers

Dr.Duma (Physician), Dr.Barth (Oncology Physician),

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About Mitochon EHR

Mitochon EHRMitochon EHR is a free cloud based solution that provides practices with increased ease of access by delivering a web-based solution that also has smartphone and tablet functionality. Additionally, using the SOAP note format, medical providers can easily create essential documents. Mitochon EHR is integrated with Mitochon PM.

Mitochon PM, also free of cost, increases efficiency for medical providers by reducing time spent on billing and increasing cash flow. Thus, patients that use Mitochon PM can focus on patient outcomes rather than practice management.

Mitochon is the first vendor to create a completely free EHR system. Mitochon was created in 2002 and provides a 100% accessibility and support for medical providers.

Mitochon EHR Key Features

  • SOAP Note Format
  • Large Template Library
  • Integrated with Labs
  • Dragon Speak Compatible
  • Simple User Interface
  • ARRA Funding Support
  • Role Based Access
  • Secure Messaging

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