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MODX Revolution Review

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MODX Revolution is available as an on-premise solution.

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MODX Revolution works with companies of all sizes.

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MODX Revolution

MODX Revolution MODX Revolution is a web CMS software solution with full open source functionality. You have total freedom over your webpages and installation, allowing you to work throughout all your HTML code easily. For SEO, the program can build your site to reach the top of the search engine results listings by priming the way you word your content. You can install apps inside the program, and an object-based API is available for use. Lastly, the MODX community constantly provides development support for the product.

About MODX
MODX is an open source project that is based out of Dallas.

MODX Revolution Features

  • On-premise CMS software solution
  • Open source and fully customizable
  • Can override program processes and install add-on apps in the system
  • Primes your pages for SEO
  • Features an object-oriented API
  • Active development community helps out the product

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