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Money Tree Software TOTAL Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing
  • In-Depth Planning – $1,342 for the initial year
  • Single Approach – $895 for the initial year

Product is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware or as an on-premise solution.

Customer Focus

Vendor works with small and midsize customers.

Select Customers

Contact vendor directly for case studies.



Money Tree Software TOTAL TOTAL is a financial planning software solution that can build retirement plans around goals and cash flow. At the start, users can upload client and third party database financial information into the program. Users can then chart out retirement plans by setting financial goals, noting income sources and drains and calculating taxes for each year.

Once a plan is fully constructed, the system can send it out to the client for approval. The product additionally logs all activity in audit trails and can display financial milestones as visualizations. Lastly, the platform can host online self-service portals with branded pages and content.

About the Company

Money Tree Software was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in Oregon.


TOTAL Key Features

  • SaaS or on-premise financial planning software solution
  • Designed to build retirement plans
  • Charts out income sources, expenses, taxes and goals
  • Distributes plans to clients for approval
  • Logs all activity in audit trails
  • Can display plans as visualizations
  • Hosts branded online portals where clients can perform self-service


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