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Product is available as an on-premise solution.

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Vendor works with small and midsize customers.

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About Monstra

Monstra Monstra is an open source web CMS software solution designed to be extremely simple to install and use. Upon first logging into the program, users can choose page themes and install a number of plugins, and provides APIs for plugins, themes, and core developers. These plugins provide page functionality for blogs, guest books, videos, user reviews and more.

As users further develop pages, the system can set access permissions for accounts, implement SEO, optimize web pages for size and edit content. The product can develop both mobile and standard browser websites, and users can install multiple layers of security. Lastly, Monstra features a WYSIWYG content editor that requires no HTML knowledge to use.

About the Company

Monstra was founded in 2012.


Monstra Key Features

  • On-premise web CMS software solution
  • Open source solution
  • Users can install plugins for the types of content they want to feature
  • Built-in WYSIWYG editor
  • Offers users a number of design themes
  • Controls user access permissions
  • Creates both mobile and standard browser pages


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