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MTBC PracticePro Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

$1000 practice wide
$295 per provider per month


MTBC EHR 5.0 can be delivered as an on-premise installation or a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

Hospitals and Health Systems, Medical Administrators, Physicians

Select Customers

Dr.Michael Guma, Dr. Mark Mokarzycki, Dr. Babak Mirin, Dr.Siavash Karimian, Dr. Milton J. Mintz

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About MTBC PracticePro

MTBC PracticePro MTBC PracticePro simplifies PM by automating daily tasks such as billing and appointment scheduling. Requiring minimum hardware, MTBC PracticePRo also provides SMS alerts to keep medical providers updated on their tasks.

MTBC has been providing medical software solutions since 1999. MTBC aims to maximize profits and minimize expenses, and thus only charges 5% of a user’s monthly collections.

MTBC PracticePro Key Features

  • Scheduling Application
  • Printing Bills
  • Automated Claims Submission
  • Clean Transaction Lists
  • Generate Reports
  • Analyze Reports
  • Compare Payment Histories
  • Tracking Functions
  • Unpaid Balance Prevention
  • NCO Group Collection Agency Assistance

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