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Product Pricing

Pricing starts at $20 per student per year.


Product is available as a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

Product is designed for K-12 private school institutions.

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About is school management software that includes twenty modules designed to improve and facilitate effective school management processes. The platform provides users with a grade book tool that manages entered grades, assignment tracking, and student communications, a report card tool that converts existing report cards into digital report cards, and a progress report functionality that allows teachers to create and print progress reports.

The platform is designed with an emergency alert functionality that enables teachers to communicate with the parent community in the event of an emergency or a lockdown, a bulletin board functionality and a calendaring tools sharable via Parent Web Portal. Additionally, the software is equipped to manage school activity calendars, includes an attendance management tool and provides public access to historical alumni data.

About the Company was founded in 2008. Key Features

  • Supports an unlimited number of user-defined fields to track any student, parent or teach-related information
  • Admissions management tools
  • Donor and prospect management tools
  • Lunch order and student lunch account balance management
  • Student conduct tacking capabilities


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