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– Navicus Employment Screening Review

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Navicus works with small, medium, and enterprise businesses in all types of industries, including retail, transportation, dining, and IT.

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Navicus Employment Screening

- Navicus Employment Screening Navicus Employment Screening is a single-software solution for all your hiring needs, giving HR users the tools they need to evaluate employee behavior trends and work skills, administer drug and alcohol testing, and handle I-9 forms. Navicus is a leader in pre-employment screening software, ensuring that your company’s hires are kept honest. All of the software’s features are designed to save time and money.

About Navicus
Navicus is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL and serves thousands of employers for their HR needs. Navicus aims to establish sustainable ROI and efficiency in hiring and finances for the company’s customers.

Navicus Employment Screening Key Features

  • Assess employee behavior data, skills, and workplace performance
  • Offers a number of background checks, such as criminal, credit, driver’s license, work history, and identity
  • Contains drug and alcohol testing services
  • File I-9 forms online easily
  • Employee behavior reviews designed by psychologists

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