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This product is no longer available
This product has been renamed or acquired by another company. You can find the new product offering at Payroll Network iSolved Payroll.


– Revolution HCM Review

Product Snapshot


Revolution HCM is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

Revolution works with small to medium-sized organizations.

About Revolution HCM

- Revolution HCM Revolution HCM is the SaaS-based HRIS with the power and price-point designed for small to medium-sized organizations (between 50 – 2000 employees). Revolution HCM brings together all of your important, commonly needed, management-critical employee data in one place. Everything employers need to manage and grow their human capital, accessible in one database, from multiple devices, with a single log-in. From hire to retire, Revolution HCM allows you to focus on what is important – attracting, motivating, developing, rewarding and engaging your employees – all while increasing your efficiency, performance and company profitability. Applications include Human Resources, Applicant Tracking, Electronic On-Boarding, Employee Self-Service, Payroll, Time and Attendance, Tax and Compliance and Benefits Administration.

About Payroll Network

Payroll Network is a privately-owned Human Capital Solutions provider serving small- to medium-size employers (50-2,000 employees). Founded by CPAs in 1998, Payroll Network delivers the expertise, stability and clout of a national provider with the friendly service and attention to detail of a company that’s just around the corner. Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, we value the professional development of our staff to back up our promise of personal service – the hallmark of every Payroll Network client experience.

Revolution HCM Key Features

  • Revolution HCM Client Landing Page – the launching pad of Revolution HCM. It’s where you start as you enter the human capital management solution and it’s where you will navigate to other areas depending upon the task you need to complete. From the landing page, you can access all the tools you need to manage your workforce. On the landing page itself, you will find Calendar that displays payroll processing dates, links to forms, Links to helpful information, company Announcements, Your primary customer service rep contact information, plus, you can quickly search for any section of Revolution HCM, simply by typing in a keyword.
  • Executive Dashboard – provides visibility into critical human capital management analytics, allowing busy executives to stay on top of workforce trends and make informed decisions. You can instantly view your data without the need to build reports or export data.
  • Human Capital Management Wizards – Revolution HCM contains numerous wizards to make your life easier! Our wizards ensure all the steps for critical events are addressed, such as New Hire Wizard, Termination Wizard – inactivate Direct Deposit with a single click, shut down benefits based on dates you enter, and the Life Event Wizard (Birth of a child, marriage, divorce/legal separation, remove a dependent, etc.)
  • Employee Summary & Maintenance – The Employee Summary section of our human capital management solution includes all the most frequently used information on each employee. See in a glance what you need! Plus, with one click, you can access all other sections of Revolution HCM without requiring you to navigate through the menu system. For example, store documents associated with your employees, including I-9, EEO handbook acknowledgment, salary includes the ability for Effective Dating – put future salary events in, and they automatically take effect on the date you specify, earnings & deductions, Deductions are configured from the employee’s choices in the self service module and Direct Deposits (you can establish as many direct deposits as desired), historical items are never archived, so you always have instant access to the data you need, custom fields allow you to track information pertinent to your company (these custom fields are fully reportable inside Revolution HCM’s Report Writer).
  • Revolution HCM’s art Tax – Calculating taxes for multi-state companies, includes accounting for local tax rates. With Revolution HCM you enter the employee’s residence zip-code and their workplace zip-code, and the software does the rest.
  • Garnishment Management – Revolution HCM handles your garnishments for you, including amounts in arrears.
  • Benefits in Revolution HCM – Set up your benefit plans once, and that will drive enrollment and deductions throughout the system. In addition, Revolution HCM can connect with carriers to ensure all life events are properly communicated to the carrier – on time.
  • Human Resources in Revolution HCM – The human resources section in Revolution HCM is your central location for managing your employees’ history (salary, performance, certifications, etc.), OSHA incidents, and company assets. You can maintain all your documents in a central cloud-based location, include expiration dates for badges, certifications, keep track of OSHA incidents, and manage performance reviews.
  • Employee Self-Service – save you time and hassles by allowing your employees to self-serve for many day-to-day items. You set the rights for View, View and Edit, or simply Notify HR. For example, life event changes, open enrollment, check stub history, W-2s, direct deposit and Training.
  • Payroll Processing – Process your payroll with complete confidence with a full Payroll Preview. Included reports are available before you process to ensure complete accuracy. Maximum hour’s warnings alert you to potential errors. And, of course, the Revolution HCM technology is backed up with expert payroll processing services.
  • Human Capital Management Report – Intelligence simplified. If you have fumbled with report scripting, writing SQL statements or searching for field labels all in a quest to view your HR and payroll processing information, then this is the game changer you’ve waited for. Revolution HCM’s Report Writer allows you to build formulas without crafting complex statements. Simply choose and click. Build a report in under a minute with confidence and retain it for future use!
  • I-9 Management – Dump the paper and put your I-9 in the cloud. Electronic management of your workforce’s I-9 data helps you avoid errors and noncompliance issues. Revolution HCM allows you to document and store an employee’s I-9 status in a secure environment. And, with the Report Writer, you can create your own I-9 report to set up expiration dates.


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