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About Human Resources Software

About Human Resources Software

Human Resource Management, also known as Workforce Management or Human Resource Management, merges technology systems with sophisticated methodologies to assist businesses in effectively building, managing, and maintaining their people assets. HR software increases HR team efficiency while minimizing operational costs, helping companies create a better, employee-centric culture. Download our exclusive Top Human Resources Management Software reports to compare leading solutions in the HR industry. A business of any scale will benefit from human capital management software, making sure that companies can align their workforce with the organization’s overall goals to accomplish and maintain a competitive edge. Among the top-rated human resource management products are...
  • Sage HRMS
  • Epicor HCM
  • Infor HCM


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    Top Human Resources Blog Posts

    Top Workforce Management Tools

    Top Workforce Management Tools

    A workforce management software solution has multiple core functions to help you organize your workforce and ensure that every department is balanced and performing their duties. To help distinguish what makes each platform unique, here are some of the top workforce management tools in the industry and what they have to offer.

    How Features of Applicant Tracking Software Simplify Recruiting Efforts

    How Features of Applicant Tracking Software Simplify Recruiting Efforts

    Many companies choose to utilize applicant tracking software (ATS). With ATS, every application received by the system is methodically scanned and reviewed, making the software essential for recruiters nowadays. Here are three features of applicant tracking software that recruiters will find useful when electronically handling of recruiting needs.

    Namely: The Next HR Software To Watch

    Namely: The Next HR Software To Watch

    In just a short period of time, the human resources information system known as Namely has taken HR software by storm. Namely is creating competition for popular HR software companies such as Zenefits, BambooHR and others with a platform that the company describes as having "a friendly design, intuitive applications and a welcoming feel."

    5 Myths of Investing in a Learning Management System

    5 Myths of Investing in a Learning Management System

    The effective use of a good LMS plays a large role in maximizing return on investment for a firm. Yet companies need to understand how they can make the best of their LMS and use it to their advantage. These 5 myths of investing in a learning management system will surely alter your view about purchasing an LMS for your organization, and will ensure you make a wiser decision regarding employee-training needs.

Popular Human Resources Solutions

NetSuite TribeHR

NetSuite TribeHR

TribeHR supports social media integration, allows you to generate reports from a number of templates, and is compatible with major HR and payroll solutions.



Sage HRMS was built by HR professionals with years of experience. Sage HRMS and payroll solutions offer small to medium-sized organization the tools needed to excel at employee management.

CheckPoint HR

CheckPoint HR

CheckPoint HR is a complete solution that combines Human Resources Management, Payroll, and Benefits management. The software is designed to help automate all of your HR programs and to provide you with the tools needed to enhance all of your HR and payroll processes.

Epicor HCM

Epicor HCM

Epicor HCM provides companies of all sizes and industries a complete HR solution to streamline their HR processes. Epicor HCM includes employee and manager self-service portals.

Ultimate Software UltiPro

Ultimate Software UltiPro

Ultimate Software UltiPro is a robust human capital management suite that provides out-of-the-box functionality for every level of employee along every step of the employment lifecycle, from new recruit to rewarded retiree.

FinancialForce HCM

FinancialForce HCM HCM is a human capital management solution that enables users to manage their workforce from recruitment to retirement.

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