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  • Discover is a Brand Content Management Software that helps brands come up with new ideas for content. The platform allows users to build campaigns, discover ...

    added Jun 24 2016
  • WinEst is a construction estimating system for general contractors. The software includes quantity takeoff from paper or electronic drawing, questionnaires for creating estimates, labor and ...

    added Jun 24 2016
  • OpenPeak is mobile device cybersecurity software that provides security on personal devices, contractor devices, company-liable devices, applications, and voice and data services. The platform is ...

    added Jun 24 2016
  • webMethods AgileApps Cloud is business process management software that assists in tracking and managing service requests, responding to incidents and resolving investigations. The platform allows ...

    added Jun 23 2016
  • Paradiso Solutions has eLearning platform solutions for the corporate and education sectors. The Corporate LMS solution (within Paradiso LMS) includes gamification, performance management and integration ...

    added Jun 22 2016