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About Call Center Software

About Call Center Software

Call center software enables businesses to provide customers with quality service and support in real time. Call center platforms will enhance the user experience, include tracking and reporting call analytics, monitor and record all communications and offer multiple communication channels. Virtual call center software performs similar functions and often includes VoIP, which allows individuals to make calls using a computer. Browse the best call center software products with’s free comparison report of the Top 10 Call Center Software solutions. Many will benefit from using call center software, with specific products such as VoIP service and ACD call center software also available. Among the top-rated call center software products are:
  • InContact Cloud Contact Center Platform
  • 8x8 Virtual Contact Center
  • Salesforce Service and Support
  • Telax Hosted Call Center


Popular Call Center Solutions



inContact is a cloud-based call center software solution that provides interactive voice response (IVR) and cloud PBX.

RingCentral Professional

RingCentral Professional

RingCentral Professional is a cloud telephony software solution that offers a robust set of features for the workspace. At the start, users can install toll-free and local numbers for their business and set a phone directory for all departments. As calls come in, the system can forward them, create recordings, screen them and send out notifications for missed messages.

8x8 Virtual Contact Center

8x8 Virtual Contact Center

A hosted call center solution, 8x8 Virtual Contact Center is built with powerful yet flexible call center management tools to improve agent productivity and customer service, but at a lower cost than traditional call center solutions.

Five9 Virtual Contact Center

Five9 Virtual Contact Center

Five9 provides an all-inclusive suite of on-demand tools for small to global call centers serving in customer service, tech support, collections, disaster recovery and notification capacities across a wide variety of industries.

AVOXI Smart Queue

AVOXI Smart Queue

AVOXI Virtual Call Center Software is a fully hosted cloud telephony software solution designed to boost the productivity levels of all service agents. The program requires a PC and broadband connection to use and can be scaled to meet the demands of multiple locations. The system’s main feature is its Smart Queue tool, which uses open source technology to line up incoming calls and send them to agents best suited for dealing with them.

Enghouse Interactive Contact Center Solutions

Enghouse Interactive Contact Center Solutions

Enghouse Interactive Contact Center Solutions is a call center software that covers all areas of contact center operations.

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