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About Marketing Software

About Marketing Software

To successfully implement a multi-channel marketing strategy, marketing teams must design and manage a range of tasks related to building campaigns and engaging potential as well as existing customers. A variety of platforms exist to seamlessly optimize your marketing activities, including marketing automation, email marketing, landing page development, search engine marketing and lead management. Browse the best marketing software with’s free marketing software comparison reports. Any business that performs extensive marketing activities will find value in marketing software to improve all components of lead generation and execute more powerful communication strategies. Solutions specific to small business marketing needs as well as enterprise-scale marketing software platforms exist to help meet your company’s specific demands. Among the top-rated business marketing software are:
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • Marketo
  • Infusionsoft
  • MailChimp
  • SalesForce ExactTarget


Popular Marketing Solutions



Marketo provides mid-sized to global enterprises with a unified solution for both sales and marketing automation. Unlike traditional, fragmented systems, Marketo’s proven revenue-driving cloud software nurtures customer engagement from end to end—from demand generation to sale to customer loyalty.

HubSpot Marketing Software

HubSpot Marketing Software

HubSpot marketing software is a complete marketing solution that includes all the tools you need to email marketing, lead generation, landing page optimization, social media monitoring, and more. It doesn't require technical background or IT...

Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce Pardot is a marketing automation software solution that works entirely within a number of CRM platforms. The program has tools for both sales and marketing personnel. Marketing users can create email marketing materials using templates and a WYSIWYG editor, design landing pages and track all signups from campaigns.

Sitecore Digital Marketing System

Sitecore Digital Marketing System

The Sitecore Digital Marketing System delivers the insight you need to generate more qualified leads and increase conversion rates. With tools that deliver actionable insight into user behavior and activity, this system can help businesses deliver the content that will attract and engage visitors, turning prospects into qualified leads.



MailChimp is an e-mail marketing tool that lets customers design and send out their own HTML newsletters. Building a contact database is easy, as this product can create recipient profiles from online signups and spreadsheets.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud is a full marketing optimization suite that helps you handle analytics, testing, marketing media and social media channels.

Top Experts

  • Charlotte Waller Avatar

    Charlotte Waller

    Digital Marketer


    Charlotte Waller is the founder of digital marketing firm Visebility. Having formed the firm 4 years ago she's avid about anything online...except dating. Her current ... (more)

  • Angela Kirk Avatar

    Angela Kirk

    SEO Consultant

    Marketing Software

    Angela Kirk worked for nearly a decade with an internet marketing company and in the end realized she knew enough to venture out on her ... (more)

  • Amanda Elam Avatar

    Amanda Elam

    Marketing Director


    Amanda Elam is the Marketing Director at EarthIntegrate . She specializes in distributed marketing management.

  • Levelwing Avatar


    Digital Marketing Firm


    Levelwing is a digital marketing firm offering media, social and analytics services to help businesses market with greater clarity and profitability.

  • Kristin Crosier Avatar

    Kristin Crosier

    Managing Editor and Marketing Specialist

    Kristin Crosier is the Managing Editor at She contributes content on software selection, product reviews, industry trends and interviews with software executive from innovative ... (more)

  • Matthew Collis Avatar

    Matthew Collis

    Marketing Manager

    IXACT Contact

    Matthew Collis is the Marketing Manager at IXACT Contact Solutions Inc., a leading North American real estate CRM firm. In addition to overseeing many of ... (more)