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Sitecore Digital Marketing System Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Product uses a flexible, size-based pricing model. Accordingly, Sitecore license prices scale with the requirements of the project.


Sitecore products are built on the .NET framework, enabling businesses to create and deliver sites that are powerful, yet scalable and secure. Sitecore gives businesses the flexibility to choose the deployment model that best suits their needs, providing solutions in both the Cloud and in a traditional server environment.

Customer Focus

Sitecore solutions serve a broad range of customers, including Fortune 1000 companies, large governments, public and non-profit organizations, and educational institutions.

Select Customers

Chester Zoo, Uponor, Montblanc, Toshiba, Canon

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About Sitecore Digital Marketing

Sitecore Digital Marketing System The Sitecore Digital Marketing System delivers the insight users need to generate more qualified leads and increase conversion rates. With tools that deliver actionable insight into user behavior and activity, this system can help businesses deliver the content that will attract and engage visitors, turning prospects into qualified leads.

The Sitecore Digital Marketing System provides rich tools designed especially for the needs of marketers, helping to ensure that the user’s marketing initiatives are cohesive across multiple channels.

About the Company

Established in 2001, Sitecore is a leading global software provider for solutions in Web Content Management and Digital Engagement. Sitecore is dedicated to building applications that help a broad range of companies create rich and compelling website experiences. Sitecore products are consistently placed in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management in recognition of their breadth and innovation. Sitecore was the first vendor to offer a web content management system that included mobile web, web optimization, marketing automation, e-commerce, intranet portal, and campaign management technologies into an integrated platform.


Sitecore Digital Marketing Key Features

Engagement Analytics

  • Identify high-performing campaigns
  • Measure initiatives across multiple channels
  • Track engagement of the user’s customers and visitor types
  • Discover which user experiences and trends deliver the best results
  • Create personalized offers and calls to action based on visitor behavior
  • Develop targeted content to improve site stickiness
  • Find and resolve performance issues
  • Receive an integrated view of visitor interaction
  • Optimizes sites with A/B multivariate testing

Email Marketing

  • Create email campaigns without HTML
  • Use progressive profiling to offer relevant content
  • Deliver the right information to prospects for improved engagement and interaction
  • Use integrated, multi-channel intelligence to build detailed profiles of prospects
  • Leverage powerful, built-in analytics to track visitor actions
  • Improve response rates and track ROI
  • Track interactions to segment visitors and deliver the most relevant offer
  • Integrate visitor data with the user’s CRM system

Engagement Automation

  • Use an intuitive “drag and drop” interface to build and monitor engagement plans
  • Optimize lead nurturing
  • Ensure consistent and cohesive marketing actions with limitless campaign launches
  • Integrate information from CRM, web and email channels to personalize the user experience

Sales Intelligence

  • Leverage out-of-the-box daily lead report tool to deliver in-depth prospect intelligence to the sales team
  • Use lead profiling to target marketing campaigns and prioritize sales response
  • Integrate with existing CRM systems
  • Send emails and sales rep-created alerts


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  • Sitecore is completely configurable, allowing you to set up the system with policies that span most of the attributes in a given website.
  • Sitecore integrates with your CRM database to provide a complete view of your site’s visitors, allowing you to personalize the web experience in real time.
  • Sitecore integrates web content management functionality with marketing automation and web analytics to help marketers understand site visitors and gain agility in responding to visitor behavior.
  • To truly leverage all the flexibility and customization capabilities of Sitecore, you must have developers with .NET experience.
  • Sitecore is built with the needs of large websites in mind; if you run a small site, it may not be right for you.
  • Sitecore is a data intensive system and requires a robust server to avoid having a bad experience with using the product.

Sitecore’s Digital Marketing System is a powerful web analytics engine that goes beyond mere reporting. It is an extensive solution that delivers deep insight into visitor behavior in order to help marketers refine their campaigns and increase engagement. For large websites that would benefit from deep analytical functionality that delivers actionable insight, the Sitecore Digital Marketing System is the solution that will help you reach, target, and capture a qualified audience.



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