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2015's Top 5 Landing Page Optimization Software

2015’s Top 5 Landing Page Optimization Software

First impressions mean everything. Whether prospects are being introduced to a new person or a new brand, their brain sees little difference. Both activate the same region of the brain responsible for assigning prices to objects, which is one reasons why marketers invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into a brand’s first impression — the landing page — each year.

Your landing page appears on Google as a paid result, curated, crafted and designed to be the perfect first impression to your brand. Like a snapshot, it imprints an image on prospects’ minds and remains there for the rest of your relationship, no matter how brief or how long that relationship becomes.

Benefits and Features of Landing Page Optimization

The best way to create a fantastic landing page is through a top landing page optimization software solution. This software normally includes tools like A/B testing, a WYSIWYG builder (meaning no HTML knowledge needed) and robust analytics, so you can always know how your audience is reacting to your brand and your message.

Whether you plan to build one landing page or dozens, select one of these top 5 landing page optimization solutions. With a top landing page optimization solution, you are sure to experience a higher conversion rate and hand pick the most responsive potential customers.

Introducing the Top 5 Landing Page Optimization Software

1. Unbounce: For the Marketer

unbounce-logoUnbounce practices what they preach. Land on Unbounce’s homepage and you’ll immediately feel like you know them. Their slogan is “the landing page builder for marketers” that allows you to “build, publish and A/B test landing pages without IT.” The product is simple and reliable, and includes a builder, a means to publishing and the much-needed A/B testing tools for a landing page solution.

Amazon, LinkedIn, Canon and Intuit use Unbounce, entrusting the service to help generate hundreds of landing pages with high conversion rate standards. Unbounce comes equipped with a wide assortment of templates as well as an intuitive drag-and-drop method to building pages.

Your data analysers won’t go hungry either. Unbounce integrates with dozens of popular solutions, including Google Adwords, Salesforce and Mailchimp.

2. Optimizely: For the Analyzer

OptimizelyOptimizely claims to be A/B testing “you’ll actually want to use.” But here’s the catch: people actually do use it. Before Optimizely emerged in 2010, A/B testing was technical and niche. Optimizing web pages was a murky swamp that no marketer would dream of wading. That’s when Dan Siroker and Pete Koomen, formerly of Google, embarked to change the game. And they did, unquestionably. Optimizely is now one of the industry’s leaders in A/B testing, making it an immense asset to your own landing page construction.

Optimizely tracks engagement, conversion, clicks and sign-ups, but the software is not limited to that. Optimizely seeks to test anything you can imagine that would help you build a better, stronger page. The solution is also scalable, employing project management functionalities for the bigger companies, with additional user accounts and an intuitively sorted inventory of Optimizely experiments.

Optimizely is a great solution for those who prioritize control over an intuitive experience. If you want to measure, target, allocate, schedule and track with limitless possibilities, Optimizely is for you.

3. Pluralis: For the Collaborator

PluralisPluralis takes a crowd-sourced approach to A/B testing. Their goal is to use the collective knowledge of the open-source community to help you discover new possibilities, ways to test and methods to get more conversions. Pluralis strives to build a community working toward greater conversion rates, placing users in a competitive, gamified environment to encourage you to reach unforeseen results.

A hybrid between a consultation service and software, Pluralis is also great for small businesses on a budget. The vendor offers a free solution up to 2,000 monthly views and a substantial Silver Package for $99 a month, which comes with a monthly expert variation and a 20,000 monthly traffic limit.

4. Clicktale: For the Observer

ClickTaleClicktale’s name speaks for itself: it extracts a story based on how a user navigates your landing page. This tool allows you to watch user behavior to a granular degree. Instead of compiling analytics into abstract numbers, Clicktale provides session playback, where you can literally track where a user’s mouse travels on the page — in real time and in video. You can also play back hundreds of sessions at once by viewing a heatmap that rigorously tracks mouse behavior both large and small.

Conversion is always key, so what does Clicktale do to improve conversion rates? Clicktale tells you the journey each user took to reach a conversion. You will understand how your users read, what your users are interested in and what drives them to click that button, fill out that form or buy your product then and there.

5. Visual Website Optimizer: For the Everyman

Wingify Visual Website OptimizerVisual Website Optimizer has everything you need for landing page optimization. The interface is visually intuitive and the tools are varied without gimmicks. With no strings attached, Visual Website Optimizer may be exactly what you need. Developed by Wingify and based in India, the platform was built from the mind of an Oxford University computer science student who completed rigorous study in user interface design and artificial intelligence. The CEO himself made the much-revered Forbes 30 under 30 list this year, making Wingify a company to watch in the years to come.

The company’s humble goal is to provide conversion results without “a degree in rocket science.” They make A/B testing easy, with colorful visuals that make “experiments” look like games.

More Marketing Software Recommendations

These five solutions are only a sample of the great solutions that exist in the market. To explore more marketing solutions side by side, download our Top 10 Marketing Automation Software report. It’s chock-full of must-have details like key features and pricing. If you want more free software advice, follow our Twitter or subscribe to our blog in the top right corner of this page.

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