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The No-Cost Office, Part 6: Five HR Systems That Won't Nickel and Dime You

The No-Cost Office, Part 6: Five HR Systems That Won’t Nickel and Dime You

Welcome to The No-Cost Office, a exclusive series on how to build your business’ software suite for free. Every week we’ll tackle a new software segment and compare the best available free solutions to help you build up your arsenal of business tools without breaking the bank.

Selecting a Free HR Software Solution

Thus far has opened the eyes of our readers to free, quality software that streamlines many key business operations. But we have yet to propose solutions for perhaps the essential component of running a company, aside from being profitable — managing the employees, the people who every day help transform your business idea into a reality.

HR software is often overlooked in small business settings, either because of budget restrictions or because a small staff seems manageable by hand. In reality, though, even businesses with few employees can benefit from HR software. A platform that manages personnel details and activities, among other capabilities, relieves the owner from updating manual logs and allows him or her to focus on more productive business tasks. Such a benefit can prove invaluable in a tightly operating business where the motto of doing more with less persists.

Perhaps the most persuasive reason to now implement an HR solution is the price tag. A number of top-notch free HR systems exist that are designed to accommodate smaller companies. These affordable smaller-scale personnel management solutions offer SMBs the same organizational advantages of enterprise-level HR software, without the intimidating cost. Find your perfect HR solution below with our reviews of 5 of the most comprehensive cost-free HR systems.






Have you discovered a great free HR system that we didn’t mention? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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