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– Navicus Talent Management Review

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Navicus works with small, medium, and enterprise businesses in all types of industries, including retail, transportation, dining, and IT.

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Navicus Talent Management

- Navicus Talent ManagementNavicus Talent Management can help you perform all your recruiting, performance review, and hiring tasks regardless of your company industry, location, and size. With minimal user training, the Applicant Tracking System in this software suite allows you to setup a hiring website, manage candidates, and customize applicant and hiring workflows. For onboard hiring procedures, you can create an information portal, manage and send the necessary hiring forms, and track candidates during all parts of the process. Off boarding procedures are handled by the software’s instant notification system (to keep all employees on the same page) and exit interview service. Lastly, this software automates the annual review process and organizes all the relevant forms so that you can create reports easily.

About Navicus
Navicus is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL and serves thousands of employers for their HR needs. Navicus aims to establish sustainable ROI and efficiency in hiring and finances for the company’s customers.

Navicus Talent Management Key Features

  • Applicant Tracking System quickly sets up a hiring site and tracks the workflow for all candidates
  • Speeds up the onboard hiring procedure by exporting new hires’ information to HR systems, providing new hires with an information portal, and generating all the necessary forms
  • Conducts employee reviews and generates reports
  • Tracks outgoing employees and has exit-interview features
  • Customizable workflows for all types of employees (new, outgoing, etc)

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