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– Netsmart myAvatar Review

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myAvatar is a SaaS solution.

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Hospitals and Health Systems, Medical Billers, Physicians.

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About Netsmart myAvatar

- Netsmart myAvatar Netsmart myAvatar is a medical software solution that provides applications such as e-prescribing, order entry, and chart tracking to assist physicians in reducing record keeping hassles. Through user friendly interface and advanced applications, it ensures time is spent on patient care.

About Netsmart
Netsmart is located in Kansas and assists health organizations in improving efficiency and productivity in patient care through coordinated, collaborative, and effective practice management services.

Netsmart myAvatar PM Key Features

  • Role-Based Experience
  • ePrescribing
  • Treatment Planning
  • Reporting
  • Record Keeping
  • Order Entry
  • Chart Tracking
  • Incident Tracking
  • Electronic signature components

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  • Gxia

    I have used numerous kinds of EMR software as a physician and psychiatrist. AVATAR is the worst. It is really not user-friendly. It does increase tremendous amount of unnecessary work and slow done my pace in seeing patients. It takes the power to control your work pace and builds up many layers of barriers between the physician, colleagues, and their data. Worst, the company does not respond to the cry of their user. I heard law-suit against them but wondering what can be done to make them stop wasting practitioner’s time and really hear their complains.