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– OB10 Vendor Portal Review

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About OB10 Vendor Portal

- OB10 Vendor PortalOB10 Vendor Portal is an e-invoicing supplier network that connects suppliers with buyers for invoicing transactions and communications. The network gives users self-service access to manage their accounts and access information while knowing that their data is securely stored with OBarchive.

Founded in 2000, OB10 has offices in London and Atlanta, GA. In 2010, OB10 was awarded the Green Supply Chain Award for Leading Publication and the Green Apple Award for the fifth consecutive year.

OB10 Vendor Portal Key Features

  • Flexible format sources
  • Secure data archive
  • SOX-compliant
  • Electronic invoice receipt
  • TAX- and VAT-compliant
  • End-to-end services and visibility
  • Express payments
  • Supplier self-service

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