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OpenGate Software AdWords Doctor Review

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OpenGate Software primarily works with enterprise companies.

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OpenGate Software AdWords Doctor

OpenGate Software AdWords Doctor OpenGate Software AdWords Doctor manages your AdWords campaigns at every level and shows you areas where you can increase your ROI. The software saves time by automatically analyzing your campaigns and assigning them health scores, eliminating the need for manual scrutiny. Additionally, this program identifies major trends for your field, analyzes how certain keyboards perform, and automatically employs best practices.

About OpenGate Software
OpenGate Software is headquartered in Denver, CO and provides products for Microsoft Access. The company is partners with Microsoft, and about a third of the Fortune 100 companies list uses OpenGate Software products.

OpenGate Software AdWords Doctor Features

  • Works with AdWords to maximize your marketing campaigns and ROI
  • Saves time by automatically assigning campaigns health scores, employing best practices, and displaying trends
  • Contains over 30 alerts that notify you of trends, problems, and opportunities for your campaigns
  • Displays long-term performance data and tracks how each penny is spent for your campaigns
  • Program comes with over 60 charts and graphs to help display data
  • Tracks the performance of others’ keywords and creatives

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