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– Oprius CRM Review

Product Snapshot


Pricing is $24.99 a month.



Customer Focus

Oprius works with small and medium-sized multi-level marketing businesses.

Oprius CRM

- Oprius CRM Oprius CRM provides you with the tools you need to maximize your customer relationships and to automate parts of the sales cycle. The software tracks leads to make sure each one receives an appropriate follow-up, keeps tabs on entire histories of lead interaction, and keeps a to-do list for your workers. To help you with outbound sales functions, this program manages mailouts, features phone call scripting, and supports social media interaction. Oprius CRM’s automated features include e-mail scheduling, activity logging, moving leads forward in the sales cycle as each step is completed, and automated follow-ups to opt-in leads.

About Oprius
Oprius is headquartered in British Columbia, Canada.

Oprius CRM Features

  • CRM solution that automates parts of the sales cycle
  • Automatically logs customer interactions and history, schedules e-mails, follows-up with opt-ins, and transitions leads through the sales cycle
  • Phone scripting system
  • Create custom data entry fields for leads
  • Integrates with social media for lead interactions
  • Easily builds lead capture pages
  • Calendar system with reminders for upcoming tasks
  • Search and filter system for your contact database
  • Updating contact information via Outlook or mobile device syncs with the contact database

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  • matt

    STAY AWAY FORM OPRIUS!! I have been with them for about 5 years. The past year and a half there have been many issues with emails, contacts, etc. It has cost me money both in paying them for the “service” and the lost sales because Oprius has become very unreliable.
    Support in the past was pretty responsive – but now they don’t even respond to a support ticket nor respond to a phone call.
    It’s a shame…it was very good – now I don’t know from day-to-day if it will even be working…..

  • Chef Warren

    Help Desk Non-Existent: I was double billed on my account and sent a request to the Help Desk to have it rectified almost 4 weeks ago (I’ve since sent several follow-up requests) and haven’t gotten any response with the exception that my request was received. So if you don’t care about your bottom line and enjoy paying twice for services, Oprius is the program for you.

  • Rob

    I left Oprius. Was with them for 3 years. Started double billing and there was no support at all. Tickets not logged, no one answers phones, no one returns emails. Had to call credit card company to dispute double bills.

  • Bob Brown

    Oprius doesn’t respond to emails or phone calls anymore. Horrible service.