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OptiMine Review

Product Snapshot


OptiMine is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

OptiMine works with retail, financial services, and reservation services companies.

Select Customers

Pandora, Square, Keurig, Aflac, Discover

About OptiMine

OptiMineOptiMine is automated bid management software that analyzes each click, cost, conversion, and value to set the daily bids for your keywords. The program uses deep mathematical analysis to improve your PPC campaigns—each keyword is evaluated up to 116 variables and is trained up to 24 statistical models each week. As the user, you have full control over the software’s data and can manually set workflows and goals for your words. Lastly, this software features reporting for performance, bids, and statistics.

About OptiMine
OptiMine is headquartered in Minnesota and has financial backing from Hummer Winblad Venture Partners and Calumet Venture Fund. The company guarantees an increase in financial results of 25 percent.

OptiMine Key Features

  • Automated bid management system
  • Uses performance data to set bids each day
  • Mathematically analyzes keywords weekly to improve PPC campaigns
  • User can override the automated bid system
  • User has full access to performance data
  • Generates reports on performance and statistics
  • Guaranteed to raise your financial results by 25%
  • Optimizes your bid system within eight weeks

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