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OptimisPT EHR Review

Product Snapshot


OptimisPT EHR is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for implementation.

Customer Focus

OptimisPT works with physical rehabilitation physicians, medical administrators and hospitals of all sizes.

About OptimisPT EHR

OptimisPT EHR With an efficient system that instantly schedules a patient visit, as well as an advance documentation system, OptimisPT EHR ensures a accurate and productive medical software solution for medical providers in the physical rehabilitation industry.

About OptimisPT

Founded in 2009 by physical rehabilitation experts, OptimisPT has an advisory board consisting of the top physical therapy experts in the nation.

OptimisPT EHR Key Features

  • Efficient scheduling
  • Quick patient identification
  • View therapist productivity
  • Customize visits
  • Messaging capabilities
  • E-prescribing
  • Documentation management
  • Billing
  • Checks and claims processing

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  • edorizas

    Not as efficient or easy to read as the program designers would like you to believe. Our company switched over to OptiimisPT about 2 months ago and all it does is cause frustration. The program, like many new EMR’s has you ‘click’ instead of allow for free text. If auto correct drives you nuts on your smart phone, this program would drive any therapist with true clinical reasoning to take anti-anxiety medication. If your company is thinking of using OptimisPT, I can tell you our company with over 10 locations and at least 100 therapists would strongly advise you against it. Another caveat; it is OptimisPT – it is not at all user friendly for Occupational Therapists.