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PracticeAdmin PA Practice Manager Review

Product Snapshot


PracticeAdmin PA Practice Manager is a SaaS and requires no hardware for installation.

Customer Focus

Hospitals & Health Systems, Medical Billers, Medical Administrators, Physicians

Select Customers

FACS, McDonough Medical Practice, Olive Branch Medical Practice, Curtis D. (Physician), Carlene J. (Medical Practice Administrator).

About PA Practice Manager

PracticeAdmin PA Practice Manager PA Practice Manager increases patient management efficiency through scheduling assistance, advance medical billing and keeping up with all areas of an office to ensure a physician’s time is spent on patient care instead of administrative tasks. PA Practice Manager maintains PracticeAdmin’s core values by being cost-effective, with a low start-up fee and lack of hardware, PA Practice Manager caters to physicians of all economic statuses. Through improving inter-office workflow and communications by eliminating managing hassles such as double-entry and insecure data collection, PA Practice Manager saves medical providers both time and money. PA Practice Manager has free support and is HIPAA Compliant.

About PracticeAdmin
PracticeAdmin has provided cost effective and simple to learn software for medical providers since 1999. Over the past ten years, PracticeAdmin has worked with over five hundred physicians to create products that are not only up-to-date but also work with the changing needs of physicians through extensive input. As PracticeAdmin places so much emphasis on physician input, its products are specialized and customized to achieve efficiency and productivity in the medical organization. PracticeAdmin also seeks to further its relationship with medical providers; it looks for business partners with its clients, not just customers.

PA Practice Manager Key Features

  • Detailed Reports
  • Increased Collection
  • A/R Information
  • Reduce Labor Time
  • Improved Communications
  • Low Startup Fee
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Unlimited Training & Support
  • Data Security
  • Specialized Server for Data Storage
  • Automated Software Upgrades

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