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– Palo Web Review

Product Snapshot


Palo Web is available as free, open source software.



Customer Focus

Palo works with small and medium-sized companies.

About Palo Web

- Palo Web Palo Web is a free, open source, web-based planning, analysis, and reporting software suite with five applications. Palo Spreadsheet is just like Excel but provides more functionality in the areas of reporting and planning. Palo Pivot processes ad-hoc requests to Palo OLAP databases. Palo User Manager handles user permissions for software and databases. Palo ETL Manager creates, monitors, and initiates data integration projects. Palo File Manager allows you to set file permissions for users and allocate space where users can save files.

About Palo
Palo is owned by Jedox AG and provides an open source BI software suite. The company has been in business since 2007 and additionally offers global support and training programs.

Palo Web Key Features

  • Free open source software suite for planning, analysis, and reporting
  • Web-based with no need for installations
  • Palo Spreadsheet resembles Excel and has expanded reporting and planning functions
  • Palo Pivot allows data filtering across multidimensional databases and handles ad-hoc database inquiries
  • Palo User Manager sets user permissions for databases
  • Palo ETL Manager handles data integration projects and can generate reports
  • Palo File Manager lets you set user file permissions and file storage space where users can save documents

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