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Paper-Less MV2 Review

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Product is available as both an on-premise and SaaS solution solution.

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Vendor works specifically for discrete manufacturers.

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About Paper-Less MV2

Paper-Less MV2 Paper-Less MV2 is a manufacturing software solution that is offered as four separate components that build upon the each other to allow the most flexibility when meeting the requirements of each implementation. The four components are data capture, plant communications, process management and production monitor.

Each of the Paper-Less MV2 tools adds a layer of sophistication to the task of managing communications between the office and the production floor.

About the Company

Paper-Less LLC is headquartered in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.


Paper-Less MV2 Key Features

  • Data Capture is the first building block which accomplishes traditional data collection requirements, and alerts and notifications are made available and are configurable based on the needs of each environment
  • Plant Communications is the conduit between the office and the plant floor allowing for pertinent production information about orders and items being produced to be communicated immediately to production personnel, and offers a simple to use scheduling tool that becomes part of the communicated results to production
  • Process Management builds a layer of sophistication by surrounding data collection events on the plant floor within a workflow process that builds upon the contributions of the Plant Communications tool while reducing the data entry requirements found in Data Capture
  • Production Monitor serves as a focal point to extract the true value out of gathering data from the plant floor, and data sourced from either Data Capture or Process Management is made available for extract or used in the predefined KPIs of Production Monitor


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