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Percussion CMS Review

Product Snapshot


Percussion CMS is a platform-agnostic web content management system that is based on technology standards such as web services, Java, XML, Ajax, Velocity and Eclipse.

Customer Focus

Percussion CM System is designed for medium to large enterprises with large content management requirements across the public and private sector, including new media companies, media, entertainment, travel and hospitality, educational institutions and high tech organizations, as well as federal and state government agencies.

Select Customers, Virginia Tech University, Kohl’s, TiVo,, and the International Committee for the Red Cross.

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About Percussion CMS

Percussion CMS Percussion CMS is a web content management solution that’s designed to increase web traffic, conversions and social interactions. This top CMS software enables organizations to manage multi-site and multi-channel websites with rich media, while leveraging social media and managing all content. Features like a WYSIWYG editor, widgets library and drag-and-drop navigation make Percussion CMS simple to use, even for users who lack technological skills.

About Percussion
Percussion has been recognized as KMWorld’s “100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management” and Econtent Magazine’s “100 Companies that Matter Most” in the digital content industry for five consecutive years. Percussion has also received a Codie Award for Best Content Management Solution and a Best of AIIM Award.

Percussion CMS Key Features

Social Medial and Community Marketing
  • Manage online communities
  • Manage user-generated content
  • Use interactive tools like polls and ratings


  • Segment target audiences
  • Present relevant content based region
  • Present relevant content based on demographics
  • Present relevant content based on behavioral patterns


  • Gain an understanding of your audience
  • Automate content that is diplayed to your audience

Multi-Site and Multi-Channel

    • Distribute content across multiple sites, formats, micro and external sites, mobile, email, RSS and more

Rich Media Marketing

  • Automate all media types, including, image, video, audio, Adobe Flash and other Rich Internet Application Technologies


  • Easily integrate eCommerce apps like CRM and shopping carts


  • Present and generate content for mobile devices


  • Allow other sites to engage visitors on your behalf
  • Allow other sites to display your content
  • ENable other sites to promote your message

Content Creation and Editing

  • Content editing
  • In-context Editing in the WYSIWYG page
  • Form-Based Editing
  • Microsoft Word Support
  • Metadata
  • Categorization and Tags
  • Library Services such as check in, check out, revisions, and versions
  • Drag and Drop Saving
  • Text Extraction
  • Thumbnail Generation
  • External Links

Workflow and Review Tools

  • Users
  • Roles
  • Approval Process
  • Notifications
  • Comments
  • Aging
  • Audit Trail
  • Comparison
  • Validation
  • Accessibility Check
  • Translation and Globalization
  • Impact Analysis
  • Lifecycle Analysis

Layout and Presentation

  • Browse
  • Search
  • Build and Layout Pages
  • Template Selection
  • Preview
  • Automated Page Elements
  • Global Templates and Navigation
  • Multiple Sites and Cloning


    • Scheduling
    • Triggered publishing
    • On Demand publishing
    • Bulk and Incremental publishing
    • Content and Metadata
    • Editions

Content Capture and Integration

  • Digital Assets
  • Document Management
  • Product and Campaign Information
  • Customer Targeting and Segmentation

  • Slick and intuitive user interface
  • Enhanced publishing speed which allows you to deliver your content faster
  • Smarter content delivery that allows you to provide relevant content to your different markets
  • Highly customizable
  • Expensive
  • Migration from Percussion CM1 can be tricky
  • Not all businesses need the wide range of features and extensibility of the CM System
  • Some users have reported the system as being complicated to use

Percussion CMS is a very powerful web content management software solution, and because of that, some businesses and users may not have a need for all of the functionality provided by Percussion CM System. This is by no means a starter package, but this is definitely a very worthwhile investment if your organization requires a system that’s loaded with all of the features and customization options available for Percussion CM System.

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