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– Probis CRM Review

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Probis works with small and medium-sized businesses in the property industry.

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About Probis CRM

- Probis CRM Probis CRM is a completely integrated CRM solution for real estate companies. The program itself handles all e-mail tasks and keeps track of your contact database and notes on leads. Additionally, Probis CRM provides a transparent view of all sales activities, makes it easy to convert leads, and manages property stock and marketing campaigns. Current users of Probis CRM see an up to 30% increase in productivity.

About Probis
Since 2004, Probis has been helping companies capture leads with software solutions. The company created the first CRM solution for businesses in the property industry. Probis has clients in Hong Kong, Ireland, Dubai, Morocco, Egypt, Spain, and Portugal.

Probis CRM Key Features

  • Real estate industry, web-based CRM
  • Integrated solution that handles contact database, property stock, marketing, and e-mail functions
  • Monitors all sales force actions
  • Tracks sales force performance using KPI
  • Can handle multiple company locations
  • Daily data backups
  • Tracks marketing campaign responses and ROI
  • Handles staff commissions and invoicing
  • Reminder system for upcoming tasks

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