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Product is available as an on-premise solution.

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Vendor works with small and midsize customers.

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About Radiant

Radiant Radiant is an open source, Ruby-based web CMS software solution with a wide number of extensions users can add to their installation. At the start, users can create new webpages, play around with HTML code and add scripts to them.

Users can then set up the website’s structure and add extensions to pages. These free extensions allow users to publish new types of content and insert features into existing pages. For instance, users can install blogs and image galleries, enable viewers to search for web pages, make viewer accounts available and install multiple administration features. Lastly, Radiant allows users to develop their own Ruby-based extensions.

About the Company

Radiant was started in 2006.


Radiant Key Features

  • On-premise web CMS software solution
  • Open source and based in Ruby
  • Users can code with HTML and make new pages
  • Flexibly manages a website structure
  • Can install extensions and scripts into pages
  • All extensions are free and provide new site functions and types of content
  • Users can develop their own extensions


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