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– ReadSoft Web Board Vendor Portal Review

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SAP Add-on

Customer Focus

Midsize to Enterprise


Tiered pricing based on invoice volume.

About ReadSoft Web Board

- ReadSoft Web Board Vendor PortalReadSoft Web Board is a web portal that enables users to check the status of their invoices, regardless of how they were received (paper, e-invoicing, etc). Buyers and suppliers can communicate with each other, with both parties having complete visibility into the lifecycle of the invoice.

Founded in 1991, ReadSoft is a document automation provider with a homegrown front-end solution and integrated solutions into SAP and Oracle R12. ReadSoft is headquartered in Helsingborg, Sweden, with offices in 17 countries.

ReadSoft Web Board Key Features

  • Comprehensive view of all invoices per supplier
  • Supports electronic invoice submission
  • Supports purchase order flip
  • ArchiveLink-certified
  • SAP-certified add-on

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