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ReadyTalk Review

Product Snapshot

  • Web Meeting Pro Subscriptions: unlimited meetings; $49/month for 25 participants; $99/month for 150 (includes toll and toll free audio minutes). VoIP is included.
  • Webinar Subscriptions: unlimited events; $149/month for 150 participants; $399/month for 500 participants; $499/month for 3,000 participants (includes Broadcast Audio)
  • Per-Minute Plans Available

With ReadyTalk, participants join meetings with ease because there are no complicated downloads or special software requirements. The Flash-based player for participants makes entering a web conference quick and easy. The 2% without access to Flash aren’t left out – participants without Flash can join via Java. ReadyTalk supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems and Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox browsers.

Customer Focus

ReadyTalk meets the conferencing needs of thousands of customers worldwide covering all industries, from healthcare to technology and marketing to manufacturing.

Select Customers

Hootsuite, American Marketing Association, AACOM, Marketo, Cloudera

About ReadyTalk Web Conferencing

ReadyTalk At ReadyTalk, services are created with the customer’s reputation in mind. The tools are intuitive, simple and reliable, allowing you to meet with confidence regardless of your experience, location in the world or choice of computer—and a support team is always available to provide you with personal service.

ReadyTalk is a web conferencing solution that will help you achieve your goals, whether those goals are selling, marketing, training or communicating. Their conferencing services let you run web seminars, host online meetings, conduct conference calls, and easily record and distribute your sessions all while saving time and money. They also offer free educational sessions, training, and other resources to help you succeed.

No participant downloads are required and a Flash-based player for participants makes starting a conference quick and easy, while a simple interface, and industry-best platform and browser support makes ReadyTalk Web Meeting 6 easy to use when and how you want. Other helpful features include:

  • Ease of Use – No participant downloads required and a Flash-based player for participants makes starting a conference quick and easy, while a simple interface, and industry-best platform and browser support makes ReadyTalk easy to use when and how you want.
  • Increased Audience Engagement – ReadyTalk improves audience engagement with enhanced polling and collaboration features to make meetings interactive, collaborative and productive.
  • All-in-One Service – Web Meeting gives you all the tools you need to hold webinars, train customers, conduct remote support and collaborate in one service. You will never need to learn another service or buy another product from us! Something our competitors cannot claim.
  • Sophisticated Marketing Tools – ReadyTalk expands the reach of organizations with sophisticated marketing tools that include the ability to share on social media sites, leverage content through recordings, and easy syndication tools to track and maximize ROI.

About ReadyTalk
ReadyTalk delivers audio and web conferencing services that empower customers to successfully conduct audio and web conferences of all sizes – from ad hoc meetings to large webinars. ReadyTalk combines ease of use with sophisticated marketing tools to increase audience engagement, event ROI and meeting productivity. Unlike other services, ReadyTalk gives customers a full suite of tools for training, collaboration, webinars and more.

It’s easy to schedule a webinar and tap into tools to customize event emails and web pages, promote the event, and track and report on your success. Collaborative sessions happen quickly with tools needed for polished sales demos, customer training and remote meetings.

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Denver, CO, ReadyTalk has been recognized by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing technology companies in the country for five consecutive years. Additionally, the company has been recognized several times as an outstanding employer, including recognition by Inc. as a Winning Workplace.

ReadyTalk Key Features

Web Conferencing
  • Desktop and application sharing
  • Annotation tools
  • Appoint co-presenters
  • Pre- and post-event emails
  • Chat/Q&A sessions
  • Customized branding
  • Event promotion tools for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Campaign tracking and extensive reporting
  • Grant control of your computer
  • Integrated audio conferencing with VoIP
  • Interactive polling
  • Integrated video conferencing
  • One-click meeting recording
  • Participate via web browser or iPad
  • Post-meeting surveys
  • Present slides and pre-recorded videos
  • Recording editor
  • Recording archives, hosting and distribution
  • Integrations with marketing automation systems including Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot
  • integration
  • ExactTarget, Kapost, Outlook, Google Integrations

Video Conferencing

  • Share up to 4 simultaneous video feeds with up to 25 total participants.
  • Instantly enable a video conference using our intuitive icon-based controls.
  • No additional downloads required for you or your participants.
  • Included with every ReadyTalk subscription level.

Audio Conferencing

  • On-demand audio conferencing
  • Operator-assisted services
  • International audio conferencing
  • VoIP

Webinars and Events

  • Drive more leads without breaking your budget. ReadyTalk makes it easy and affordable to conduct a polished webinar and leverage your recorded content. Event packages include everything needed to host a flawless web event at a fixed price.

Recording and Syndication

  • Create content libraries or share on YouTube with one-click recording. Easy editing makes it simple to syndicate content via podcast, social media sites, blogs or our embeddable media player.
  • With an easy-to-use interface and 99.9% service reliability, you can be confident that your conferencing experience will be flawless. When you have a question, are looking for a best practice or need technical help, ReadyTalk’s customer care team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • ReadyTalk understands managing a modern business requires you to rely on an increasingly large number of varied software solutions. To ensure ReadyTalk conforms to your existing business processes, we’ve integrated our service with some of the most popular business solutions and have open API to enable custom integrations.


  • Easy to use for moderators and speakers
  • Supports audiences of up to 3,000 people
  • Social media tools to help promote webinars
  • Participants join in
  • Affordable with flexible pricing options to accommodate businesses of all
  • Integration with key business systems including, Eloqua,
    Pardot and more
  • Open API for custom integration


  • The application does not allow dynamic slides (transitions, animations, etc).

ReadyTalk Web Meeting 6 is a great all-in-one product, with everything from webinar functionalities to collaboration tools to premier customer support. Modern features like an embedded media player and social media promotion tools will help you make the most of your web conferencing events, and flexible pricing means companies of all sizes can leverage the platform.

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