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Really Simple Systems CRM Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing
  • Free – 2 users; 100 accounts, 100 MB storage and unlimited contacts (no credit card needed)
  • Premium – Prices start from $8; from 100 to 2000 accounts, up to 2GB storage and unlimited contacts
  • Enterprise – $50 per user per month; unlimited Account, 1GB storage, Unlimited contacts

Really Simple Systems CRM is a cloud based solution and requires no additional hardware for implementation.

Customer Focus

Really Simple Systems works with marketing managers, sales managers and customer service managers.

Select Customers

Greenligh LED, African Prison Project, British Red Cross, Room Copenhagen, Cowpasture River Preservation Association

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About Really Simple Systems CRM

Really Simple Systems CRM Really Simple Systems CRM provides SMB CRM with a simplified and easy to use solution that creates campaigns and provides customer information across the sales, marketing and customer service departments. Really Simple Systems CRM is degigned specifically for organizations that have many different locations or remote workers. Most applications complete on how many features they have. Really Simple Systems compete on how easy it is to use. As the largest cause of CRM implementation failure is because users find them too time consuming and complex, making the CRM easy to use is the most important factor in successful CRM adoption. The features are there, but only turned on if needed.

About Really Simple Systems

Really Simple Systems has over 9,000 users from over 6,000 businesses in locations worldwide, including the United Kingdom, United States and Australia. Really Simple Systems has been recognized by EuroCloud and Database Marketing for its product.

Really Simple Systems CRM Key Features

  • Contacts management
  • Activity monitoring
  • Opportunities listing
  • Document storage
  • Report writer
  • Linked accounts
  • Accounting integration
  • MailSync
  • Smartphone functionality
  • Role-based permissions
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Email marketing

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