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RenWeb Review

Product Snapshot

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Product is available as a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

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Vendor works with small and midsize schools.

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About RenWeb

RenWeb RenWeb is school management software that automates day-to-day processes, facilitates communication between schools and families, and can be customized to meet school- and user-specific needs. The platform requires no data uploading or synchronization and works by sharing and updating data across the system, integrates with online application and enrollment portals, and monitors application completion status and student admission processes.

The platform is designed to manage wait lists, migrate students from applicant lists to enrollment statuses without data reentry, and provides parents and families with an online inquiry functionality. Additionally, the software tracks student and family demographic data, records and manages parent-, guardian- and custodian-student relationships, and is equipped to record students belonging to multiple family, split family and blended family situations.

About the Company

RenWeb, a FACTS company, was founded in 1998 and is located in Texas.


RenWeb Key Features

  • ParentsWeb class scheduling portal
  • Supports straight five-day, block, rotating block and weekend scheduling
  • Group emailing and distribution capabilities, with list-building based on student enrollment status, grade level, class and activity
  • Cafeteria management tools
  • Child care billing management capabilities for both monthly and weekly billing plans
  • Shot record and immunization compliance tools
  • Library management functionality
  • Student behavior management tools


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  • Mark K.

    The Library part of RenWeb in no way compares to a product like Follett Destiny. And the support RenWeb offers is dismal at best. You call, they take your number, and then expect a call back in 3-5 hours. Terrible. We just went through hell trying to get the library data imported, and finally, after RenWeb dishonestly told us that they were the ones who discovered it wasn’t working (we discovered it wasn’t working and tried to explain it to them but they refused at first to acknowledge that), we ended up writing some code that fixed the Marc records ourselves. Don’t expect honest people on the other end when you call RenWeb, which is a real problem with us as we are a Christian school. If it weren’t mid-September, we would be using another product now, but next year we definitely are switching away from these dishonest people.

    • Jon-Mark

      RenWeb is not a library system, it’s a complete management system with a library module that is included at no extra cost. It’s integrated with the main system so that all necessary data is integrated with the main data for ease of use. RenWeb converts 100’s of library systems each year without any problems. I’m not sure what happened with yours.

      Now, the real issue. Honesty. I know most all of the 180 employees that work in the RenWeb office and on the road personally and to call any of them dishonest is slander especially in an open forum. Sometimes there are issues with conversion, it’s a BIG deal moving data from one system to another and getting it done perfectly has challenges, especially when the school does not work as a team member on the conversion, but to call RenWeb dishonest is to call each employee personally dishonest and that’s slander.

      Hopefully readers of these comments will take into consideration that the comments provided by Mark K. are extremely hostile towards a company providing excellent service and support to several thousand schools across this country and 55 other countries.

      Since I’ve worked for RenWeb for the past 10 years I take it personally that I’m being called dishonest in any way, shape or form. Maybe you, author of these three comments, have had a bad experience, that happens. To call people that you don’t know dishonest in an open forum is slander.

      On top of that, the two schools in the “select customers” section associated with this review are two of the finest schools in their area and it looks like this person is from one of those schools which he IS NOT.

      I challenge any reader who might take this negative review seriously to contact anyone at the schools listed above to hear how they view RenWeb. If you are a RenWeb customer and having an experience like this contact your sales person, they have been with the company at least 10 years and will work towards a solution.

      If you are one of my 850 schools call me directly, you have my number. All of us at RenWeb work as a TEAM to make your life better to be free to teach your students, help your parents, increase your enrollment, and sleep better at night. We do it with honesty and with high integrity.

      • jon-mark

        One more thing…. If RenWeb is so dishonest why is it rated the
        “Most Popular School Administration Software” by — TWO YEARS RUNNING!!!

        RenWeb has retained almost 98% of it’s 3600+ schools sold since it began in 1999. Most of the schools who leave go out of business or merge with other schools, some schools aren’t relevant, or don’t play nice with others, any longer and fail.

        If a software company is worried more about it’s web site than its customers and if its so dishonest then the product would not grow so rapidly or keep it’s schools or have such a huge following at their workshops and conferences.

  • mark K.

    Three more critical points. First, notice that RenWeb spent big bucks on their website. Very little was spent on their product. Just wait til you see how confusing everything is when you try to manage your school with their system. Buttons all over the place, and nothing works unless you put in a call to tech support.

    Second, notice the lack of any email addresses at their website. Why are they hiding? Look at other comparable companies, and you can easily find someone of some responsibility with an email address. But no, at RenWeb, they are all hiding behind their glorious website. If you have a problem, you can’t find an email anywhere. This is an important flag to look for when shopping for a company to do business with.

    Third, whenever you put in a call for tech support, and suffer through the experience each time as we have, RenWeb sends you an email asking for your evaluation of that call. Guess what, you can’t reply to the email (un-deliverable), and if you fill in the questionnaire, and then hit submit, you get an error message saying that it didn’t work. Nothing works at RenWeb.

    • Jon-Mark

      RenWeb spends more dollars each hour of each day on technology, support, customer service, training, improvements, etc than the entire cost of the web site, from day one. RenWeb spends money on developing software to keep schools alive and make them successful.

      There are plenty of support email, chat, phone numbers, other connection streams available to schools who pay for the RenWeb service. Adding a bunch of email addresses or phone numbers to a web site leads to confusion about how support and customer service is achieved, which slows the REAL support or customer service down for real schools.

      User friendly. Hmm. When a teacher tries to use their faculty portal on a non-optimized device or web browser then it does fail in some areas. Not all functions have been comparable on all browsers, that’s a browser issue (training issue). In July 2015 RenWeb is releasing an updated version that will allow teachers to do most of their work on almost any device or browser. It’s very costly for a computer program to keep up with all technologies from all companies all the time.

      Currently, 2015, there is less than a 60 second wait for phone support to schools who are paying for the RenWeb service. There is also live chat where a paying school has almost instant access.

      Users must LEARN how to use software to achieve the benefits offered in a system as complex as one that helps grow and manage private schools. RenWeb offers FREE training in many formats to subscribing schools. Users must also read their e-mail from the company to help educate themselves about learn best practice use of any product. ALL companies who want to remain relevant best practice providers will have to grow and offer new services. It’s incumbent on users to learn in the process. Many times teachers do not make good learners.

      Historically, RenWeb has retained better than 98% of ALL schools that ever purchased since they started in 1999. In 2015, RenWeb supports over 3600 private and faith based schools in 56 countries. RenWeb is growing because they have a great product and great support. The RenWeb/FACTS team service over 10,000 private schools.

      Without trying to diminish anyone’s personal experience with a product, it’s not good for anyone reading this stream to make a negative decision on just one remark from one person who may have a bad experience for a multitude of reasons. Overwhelmingly, teachers have a super experience with RenWeb, at all grade levels.

      • Shannon Reichert

        Worst product ever…from a teacher with nearly 20 years of experience!

  • Fred

    I am a teacher and have used RenWeb for several years. First of all it is not user friendly. With a competitors program we once used, it was one click and the task was done. With RenWeb to do the same task it takes multiple steps. This is virtually with every task.
    When we first received RenWeb we were to use the web version. Unfortunately, it was so buggy that it was necessary to down grade to the desktop version (not much better). This school year we have been forced to use the web version because we have been told the desktop will no longer be supported. RenWeb it is still very buggy and even harder to use. I have been keeping a list of the issues as I come across them (20 now) and the list continues to grow every day. Tech support is a joke.

    This is not a quality product and should be avoided. Do not, I repeat DO NOT PURCHASE THIS

    • Jon-Mark

      Did you take the initial training offered by RenWeb or did you DIY it?

  • Shannon Reichert

    Unfortunately our school just started using RenWeb and it is horrible! Both from a teacher’s view and as a parent. I feel like we are the Beta testers with each of our issues. It is NOT user friendly to input or read the data. I would not recommend this product to any school! We had one day of training that was worthless…have had to either call or do a Chat nearly every day to resolve issues. Seems like they have no clue what they are doing!